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The literature clearly details the inequalities built into the school system.  Much of the efforts to correct this social ill have focused on school reform alone, but not much is said about the change needed within the individual.  The potential power within the black child in America is strong enough to overcome broad-scale academic failures.  To use it, they must first rediscover themselves and their souls through non-traditional curriculum and support of the family, community and nation to build the confidence, sense of pride and personal agency necessary to do so.


The Village Parents, Inc. is a non-profit, community development advocacy organization.  Our goal is to provide resources and guidance to other non-profits whose mission is to build or sustain developing neighborhoods that have a high population of low income families.  Our experienced team of practitioners will provide a framework for establishing connections throughout the community, creating targeted programming and seeking and obtaining sustainable funding.  These tasks are taken with the aim of providing community members with access to quality education (traditional and informal, health care, and social supports needed to establish themselves as productive citizens.

The Village is geared to support CBO and NBOs with orientations for Service, Charity, Civic Engagement or Empowerment, as well as educational institutions interested in transitioning to community schools. Core practitioners are well-suited to perform interim roles and organizational support through re-organization phases as needed.  Tools, instructions, training and strategic planning are available to support various phases of the operational effectiveness cycle, from defining mission and vision statements, to building strong board of director members, to building solid back office supports, including program development, finance and grant writing, human resource management and information technology.


The Village uses critical community support systems (schools, public health and social services) to broaden the paths to success, which may or may not include college.  For any interested non-profit, services are also available to evaluate existing programming and operations for reportable measures and risk controls or to design and implement programs aligned to organization objectives.  A key component of program development includes budgeting of resource and supply estimations and identification of public and private funding sources.

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