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Centralized communications help all community organizations work together without overlapping event and service dates and dividing constituents.  We will perform an analysis of the key communication groups as well as the best way to get your messages to the masses throughout "The Village - your town".

Planning & Strategy


The Board of Directors is one of the greatest assets in a small to mid-size organization.  With a host of responsibility, including fundraising, it is mission critical for the Board to understand roles and responsibilities and demonstrate that there is strength in numbers.


An indicator of program success are the results as compared to the neighborhood need.  We provide the tools to complete a needs assessment and determine the key drivers that link all programming and data collection in support of improving The Village near you.

Community Engagement


Community programming is more than having space and an activity operator. The best programs evoke creativity, learning, action, healthy lifestyles, cooperation and exposure to new experiences.  To do this best, it draws upon the passions of the people you serve, such that when the question of who wants to participate is asked, everyone says "I'm in!".

Programs & Fundraising


Now more than ever, foundations and funders are rewarding organizations that work together to maximize results for the communities they serve.  We will help your organization determine the best partnerships to meet the needs of the core supporters in "The Village - your town" and ways to gain more.


An effective management team and back office support system can only be formed with a solid strategic plan in place. Budget, staffing, and action plans should include outlooks at various intervals from 3-month business as usual to 3-year longer-term projections.


Our flagship program "The Blueprint Project" is designed to create community architects. Neighbors come together to share challenges and collectively design solutions for better social relationships, positive interations and increased unity.


Whether you are seeking grants, planning events, or coordinating a giving campaign, the unsung hero of fundraising is relationship building. Each donation starts and ends with an emotional investment to your cause. Clear program goals and objectives to track and report performance help to clearly communicate narratives supporting each fundraising opportunity.

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